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It begins.....

First fishing trip of the year.... I'm glad to see some light at the end of winter.  We took the Miss E on a long boat ride Friday, little further than normal, all the way to the break in search of tuna and wahoos.  When we got set out, water conditions were a bit greener than I'd liked and a bit cooler as well, never the less we were on the hunt.  The trolling bite was pretty tough with the cool water conditions, only managing a couple wahoo bites and a king mackerel, so around 11:00 we switched gears and checked on the offshore bottom dwellers.  Not red hot either, but we found some really nice trigger fish, jacks, blackfin snappers, squirrel fish and a few other deep water ones.  Everything on the boat performed well, hoping for a favorable spring and summer weather pattern this year.   If your considering a fishing trip for the Spring or Summer season and have a specific date in mind please book it ahead of time, things are beginning to fill in. 

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Longest part of winter

Fishing off Morehead City isn't all that bad, from what the few reports have sounded like from the past couple weeks.  Sea bass, king mackerels and unreal wahoo fishing on the break, not too shabby whenever that weather will allow it.  April usually will bring the first push of charters for the season, followed by May which is one of the best fishing months on the calendar.  The Miss E will be sitting pretty in the same spot as last year, waiting on the days to pass, and temps to start the upward swing.  Please don't wait until the last minute to inquire about a fishing charter, especially if a specific date is needed.  I'm looking forward to seeing familiar faces again, soon enough. ..

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Ducking 2018-2019 review

The 2018-2019 duck season is quickly coming to an end.  The season started out with much needed cold in the Northern US pushing down a nice dose of ducks to get our season started on, then a milder weather pattern set in mid December, making things a bit tougher with regards to the sunny, calm weather.  Now, more seasonal colder temps are setting up in the weather forecast.   None the less, I feel like day in and out, all the hunters have had enjoyable and rewarding hunts.  Seeing the satisfaction on smiling faces and also the growth and development of my dog "Bee", are what keep me going this late in the season.  Like most seasons the bag limits have consisted on several different species of ducks.  Bluebills, red heads, buffleheads, sea ducks, golden eye, teal, shovelers, widgeon and black ducks have been on the capture list this season.  With just a few more hunts on the calendar, things will come to a close and yearly maintenance on the Miss E will begin.  I do have a few days open next week if anyone is thinking of a last minute duck hunt.   ..

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Hello November

I had several great groups that got out in between weather fronts last week, 2 bottom fishing trips and 1 inshore half day charter. The bottom fishing remained pretty solid, with nice catches of groupers, sea bass, trigger fish, grunts,jacks and a scattered flounder.  Inshore the speckled trout bite has been very strong.  On our half day fishing charter, the group landed over 50 fish, basically non stop action.  I'm hoping the wind will lay down just a bit over the next couple days, got a group itching to go Friday, hopeful for a good report to follow. ..

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Groupers,Groupers, Groupers....

This week the fishing was pretty awesome, I just wish the weather would have cooperated a bit better for a few other groups.  Otherwise, plenty of steady action though out the fishing charters.  Gag groupers, black sea bass, grunts, flounder and few other species kinda rounded out the catch.  By the sounds of it the king mackerel bite was really good as well.  Inshore, speckled trout and red drum have fired off, as they should for late October.  Hopefully we'll catch a little break in the weather Tuesday and Wednesday to get back after the groupers.  I do have a group scheduled for an inshore trout/drum/flounder trip over the weekend.  There are plenty of open dates for a Fall fishing charter, please give me a call for more information.   ..

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Charters Got'em this week!!

Man oh Man, finally, the weather has taken a turn toward fall and we're coming up on the full moon, the fish sure turned on the feed switch for the charters this week.  With a little flexibility in everyone's schedule this week, we were really able to take advantage of the calm days.  Monday I fished a little further offshore than usual, and the Beeliners were still very plentiful, as were the grunts, sea bass and a few nice gag groupers.  Tuesday, a had a great family from Tennessee, who were new to the ocean and what types of critters it housed.  They put it on the King mackerels, albacores, Jacks and several "stove pipe" spanish mackerels.  Marked plenty of bait and the water looked good, great sign to come for the next 4 weeks of solid fishing.  Friday, Kurt brought a couple clients down for a taste of fall bottom fishing.  The guys went on them, great gag fishing along with some nice sea bass and grunts.  Couple more cold fronts in the forecast, cooling things down, fishing both inshore and Offshore will be the best of the year, now until Thanksgiving. If your thinking of a fall fishing charter, this is the time to book it, don't miss the prime time.   ..

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Best fishing month of the year...

Hurricane Florence is a month in the past now, things are almost back to normal.  Last week I had 3 great groups who took advantage of the calm conditions.  Each day we fished hard landing a nice catch of grouper, vermillion snappers, black bass and a few others.  Even a 5 pound flounder on one trip.  Inshore the speckled trout are starting to bite pretty consistently, along with the flounders and red drum.  Looks like finally some relief to the warm temps and I'm thinking that this is really gonna kick the fishing into high gear.  Please come on to the coast, we're in the best weather and fishing of the whole season right now. ..

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Young Guns in full force

Today I the pleasure of taking four of the finest young fisherman, I've met in some time, out on a full day fishing adventure.  It took a few times to get the weather to work with us, but it was well worth the wait.  The main plan was to bottom fish, which we started out doing.  The first stop, the guys caught gag groupers, grunts, triggerfish, black sea bass.  We moved around to a few other places but as the wind died, so did the bottom fishing.  We then switched over to a trolling spread and started working on the king mackerels.  By the end of the day, the crew was beat and they had a pile of fish to show for their hard work.  Thanks guys, great meeting everyone. ..

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The weather's finally clearing!!!

I'm happy to saw that the weather trend seems to be finally changing.  After 10 days of rain and stout SW winds, its time to go fishing.  Last week we fished though a bunch of not so good weather conditions, nearly 12" of rain runoff has made fishing inshore really tough and even difficult outside the inlets.  Over the past couple of days have started to improved, I think it'll be the case for next week as well.  Despite the tough conditions we still manged to find some fish for all the groups, King mackerels, flounders, speckled trout and spanish mackerels, bluefish and albacores.  Next week I've got Tuesday open and the forecast looks really good for getting offshore, please contact me for more information. ..

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Windy, Rainy Week Fishing

This week was probably the worst of the summer so far.  Started out with strong SSE winds from a stalled out low pressure, then a strong Bermuda high has cranked the SW winds up along with plenty of squalls passing through on a daily basis.  We were able to get a few trips in despite the difficult conditions.  Monday through Wednesday was a no go, Thursday's group fished with me last fall for some flounders and wanted to try it again.  The water was a bit stirred up but we found a nest on one of the places and ended up pretty good.  Today (Friday) Rob and Kate, were on their annual family get-a-way wanted to catch a few fish with a little improvement on the weather we went trolling just off the beach.  Kate did a great job winding in spanish mackerel, bluefish and some albacores. The long range forecast for the coming week, looks much better.   Thanks everyone for the opportunity.  ..

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