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200 fathoms to 2 fathoms

I’ve been covering a lot of water the last couple weeks. Offshore the mahis have started to show up finally, along with a few wahoos and tunas lingering around yet. Blue marlin fishing has been on fire the last 2 weeks with some boats seeing up to 7 fish. Much closer in (20-30 miles) the bottom fishing has been producing some really good catches of groupers, triggerfish, vermillion snappers, sea bass and more. Along the beach the Spanish mackerels have been rather abundant on the half day fishing charters. I’ve got days available still in June and the following months, come get in on the action.

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May 30, 2021

On may 22nd some of my best friends of my life encounterd one of the best times of our lives Fishing with Captain Stewart Merritt with Salt Air Ventures off the Miss E!

I have been on Chartered Boats and never even seen the Captain ! His hands an approach was Second to none ! He actually

teaches you the need to know for the different species of fish ! I would like to say anyone wanting a special trip Book with him !!!! Thank you Captain Stewart for a life time Experience!!!! I will never forget ! I look forward to going again !!!! Sincerely

Bobby O. Casey Jr. P.S. Can’t wait to go Duck Hunting!

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