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What a birthday present for 11 yr old Reed.  His mom and dad booked the trip a couple of months ago, what do you know it but it wound up being an slick calm Saturday.  We left out earlier than normal, with hopes of beating some of the other boats out.  The ocean was very much alive first thing, with the first wahoo action only a few minutes after getting things set out.  The action was pretty chaotic for the first several hours, with a number of bites, pull offs and short strikes.  I hooked Reed's sailfish off the flat line, after a short drop back, missing another on the short rigger.  After the morning craziness settled down, we found some really pretty water holding a bunch of flying fish and some floating debris, thats where we picked off another wahoo and Reed's first mahi.  All and all, the day couldn't have gone any better for the Cutler crew.  Thanks Guys, congrats Reed!

Morehead City Charters

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